Alexi & Lilly

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    Alexi & Lilly

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    26 & 36

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    Life partners

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Alexi and Lilly connected on Tinder and decided to meet up for coffee; two hours later they were having sex! Although they tried hard not to, they couldn’t help falling in love and have since grown to adore one another, constantly finding special and unique qualities each time they make love.

Since they only are able to see each other on the weekends, the charming Slovenes end up having sex as much as possible (usually at least three times per day). Even when apart, they manage to have phone sex on most evenings. They find every position to be amazing and are constantly switching things up and exploring.

They share a ton of fetishes and kinks, enjoying just about anything (pegging, anal, hand fetish, femdom, bondage, roleplaying, mummification, breath play, chastity, slave training, gags and other toys…) Alexi’s favorite part of Lilli’s body is her feet, while she is obsessed with his long hair.


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Alexi & Lilly's Video Collection

Nothing But Mammals
Alexi and Lilly have an intense connection that is fully evident in their Lustery debut. The charming Slovene’s passion for each other borders on animalistic, and between the guttural purring and meowing moans (plus their impressive collection of stuffed animals) it’s no wonder they call themselves ‘evil kitties!’
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