Leo & Madly

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    Leo & Madly

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    30 & 27

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    Life partners

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    Denver, United States

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Leo and Madly are self-described “playful and wild hippies who love to be naked, hike mountains, make art, dance, create music, and explore together”. These kindred spirits met through a mutual friend but, having both just coming out of other relationships, spent time getting to know each other as friends with no expectations first. It turned out to be for the best, allowing their love to blossom with no pressure. Now, six years since they first met, the Denver-based pair are happily married, having eloped during the pandemic on 6/9 – five years to the day after they first met and a cheeky nod to one of their favorite sex acts (one that more often than not gets Madly squirting all over Leo).

They say that they love having sex wherever and whenever they can, with some forays into public sex revealing an exhibitionist streak they didn’t know they had. And where better to express that than Lustery? “We love the concept of this website and see it as not only a way to share our love and our beautiful, hot sex with others, but also as a way to challenge ourselves sexually, become more daring and adventurous, and continually move outside our comfort zone,” they say. “Already, since we started looking into Lustery and filming some of our sex at home, we have felt an even deeper intimacy and sexual connection. We are excited to keep playing and exploring, and so thrilled to be able to share our sex with others in the Lustery community!”


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Leo & Madly's Video Collection

Splashing Out
If the towel on the bed isn’t a clue that things are about to get very wet in hippie pair Madly and Leo’s Lustery debut, her moans of pleasure as Leo buries his tongue between her legs in the opening minutes of the video are surely a dead giveaway. Squirting is a shared kink of theirs – and one that they indulge in without abandon in this “messy, lovely afternoon delight”. Between plenty of 69 action, oral sex, fingering and breathless dick riding, you’re in for wave after wave of pleasure.
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