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Introducing: Leo & Madly

Some relationships start with a bang but for Denver-based hippie pair Madly and Leo, taking it slow resulted in something much more explosive.

May 23, 2022

The pair met through a mutual friend and got along instantaneously. Both were still nursing broken hearts from previous relationships, so a new fling was the last thing they were looking for. However, after six months of friendship – “the perfect container to get to know each other without any added pressure” – romance had found them anyway. They say, “It was so magical to go on our first date feeling butterflies while also feeling safe and comfortable with each other.”

The couple describe themselves as “playful and wild hippies who love to be naked, hike mountains, make art, dance, create music, and explore spirituality and other realms together”. They eloped in a private marriage ceremony during the pandemic on 6/9, five years to the day after they first met (and a number relevant for more reasons than one, as you’ll see in their scintillating, 69-packed Lustery debut).

“We love having sex whenever and wherever we can,” say the uninhibited twosome. “Yesterday morning, for example, we were having a dance party in the morning when we both got turned on and started having sweaty sex right there on the living room floor!” They count 69 (no surprises there), BDSM, roleplay, massage play, switching, oral, spanking,

and squirting among their favorite sex acts, and say they’d love to get more into anal play – for him and for her – too. They also love exploring their kinkier sides: Madly really likes dominant, aggressive energy and likes to play the sub. Bondage, dirty talk and squirting are some of her biggest turn-ons. And Leo? He’s a sucker for squirting too and says nothing turns him on more than Madly cumming and squirting on his cock.

“We like any kind of sex that feels new or thrilling,” they say, with one of their more recent thrills being filming themselves for Lustery. “We love the philosophy and concept of Lustery,” they say because it reflects their sex exactly: real, messy, and never performed.