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Julia & Gleb

The basics
  • 1281
  • Name:

    Julia & Gleb

  • Age:

    20 & 22

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Moscow, Russia

  • Sex life:


Julia and Gleb met in college. They first talked to each other over a coffee at the campus café. After one cup they went for a walk in the city, it was winter, it was very cold and Julia was freezing. She asked if they could go to Gleb's place to warm up a little. Once at home, he suggested they watch a movie and enjoy a glass of wine. After one glass they kissed for the first time. That kiss was all Julia needed, she could not resist any more. Her hand went down in his pants and she was happily surprised of the size of Gleb's dick. They rolled on the sofa, then on the bed and it felt like the best sex of their lives.

After that evening, they started their life together. Sex plays a big role in their relationship, in a normal week they usually have sex around 3 times. They have a bunch of favourite positions like doggy, rider, spooning, 69... One special treat they both love: lathering each other in baby oil as they fuck.


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Julia & Gleb's Video Collection

It’s Only Natural
Russian lovers Julia and Gleb are back with their third Lustery video, this time taking inspiration from the summer heat to get outside and, yes, get even hotter. After finding the perfect spot in some long grass, the pair strip down and turn their attention to finding another sweet spot – each other’s. Alternating between oral and fucking in various positions in the dappled sunlight, whether the furtive fuckers will be given away by the rustling grass remains to be seen…
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