Joana & Lee

The basics
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  • Name:

    Joana & Lee

  • Age:

    25 & 26

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Sevilla, Spain...for now!

  • Sex life:


It’s fair to say that nomadic lovers Lee and Joana are ‘living the dream’. The pair, who had both been on separate long-term backpacking journeys, crossed paths in Vietnam while working at the same surf and dive centre and haven’t looked back since. And who would want to when every new day involves exploring the world while having oodles of sex with an equally curious life partner and intrepid travel buddy by your side? A day in their life may involve anything from a sunset skinny-dip in some postcard destination to hopping continents for their next adventure – and it pretty much always involves fucking! “We are seriously constantly feeling each other up,” they say, “in the house during breakfast or while working out. We have sex pretty much every day, even if we are travelling and absolutely love to touch each other in public during hikes and before or after a surf session. We love it deep, sensual and slow to start and as the sweat begins to flow, we both get a bit more momentum.” Round it off with a long hot oil massage and, like we said, living the dream!

Lately the pair have been enjoying their exploration a little more intimate, with anal play being one of their favourite activities. “Our latest toy is a strap-on that has given us a lot of recent excitement and we love popping in a butt plug during some outdoor sex.” You can expect their thrilling Lustery debut to definitely include plenty of rimming as the pair bring their passion to our screens for the first time.


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Joana & Lee's Video Collection

Back(pack) That Thang Up
Barebackpackers Lee and Joana have kind of turned sexy adventures into their ‘thing’, and when they’re not exploring the globe, they’re exploring each other’s bodies – and discovering whole new worlds of pleasure. Most recently? Anal play! As the adventure-loving pair begin their Lustery debut, it’s all about the ass with kisses all over Joana’s tan-lined behind before they trade places for a sensational rim job combined with a hand job and blowjob before the fucking even begins.
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