Introducing: Joana & Lee

Category: Couple News

Lee and Joana spent years backpacking the globe separately. Now, in each other, they’ve found the ultimate partner, in adventure and in life.

“Last year, we crossed paths while both working at the same surf and dive centre in Vietnam,” they say. “With such a loose schedule and spontaneous lifestyle, it was very unlikely to come across another person so footloose and free. We had an absolute wild time together with so many beautifully passionate sex-filled moments that we decided to continue our journey together.” And so, the Barebackpackers came to be.

Central to the travel-loving pair’s relationship, they say, are positivity and openness. “We both encourage each other in our adventures, both inside and outside the bedroom. We enjoy sunsets and skinny dipping any time over shopping and fancy restaurants. Our relationship is based on all things fun and sexual, and we especially enjoy the moments after our intense sexual encounters where we can just relax and chat about previous travel stories or our next country to visit.”

Living the dream comes with a treasure trove of special moments too; for these two wild-at-heart lovers, many of them more than a little public. “In Vietnam, during one of our dive excursions, we took a boat out to a small reef where our fellow dive master was giving a tour. While the group went below the surface on their dive, we stripped off and began to get intimate under the sun surrounded by nothing but virgin beaches and the occasional sound of the divers’ bubbles floating to the surface. It was such a turn on to know that we were totally alone but could get caught at any moment.”

While discovering the world together (they’re now in Spain with plans to head to Turkey next), they’re also on a journey of shared self-discovery. Just take their recent explorations of anal play. “We are both into anal play and are thankful that we communicated that early on in our relationship. We have recently been doing some anal stimulation during our sex and have bought a strap-on, which has given our sex life a whole new addition that we love!”

New, too, is their joining Lustery! They say, “We hope that by us sharing our most intimate moments, you too can open some new doors in your sex life. That excites us so much and makes it all even more worthwhile.”