Jack & Jill

The basics
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  • Name:

    Jack & Jill

  • Age:

    34 & 30

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Las Vegas, United States

  • Sex life:


It’s been eight years since Jack and Jill hooked up, their first encounters polite nods and smiles as neighbors before Jack made a move and invited Jill for sushi. It was a case of opposites attracting and, as they explain, creating some magical harmony out of it. “We are opposites in many ways, yet we feel we really complement each other,” the now-married pair say. “Being different has helped us with delegating roles while doing business together. Though it can be difficult being around your partner 24/7, we both have learned so much and feel we are much closer now.”

It probably doesn’t hurt that ‘business’ is streaming their sex life live online – something they say they could never have done with anybody else. This translates to plenty of pleasure, both on and off camera. “Sex in our household isn't really spontaneous – we enjoy slowly getting into the mood, putting a blanket down, getting lube, and talking about what kind of mood we’re in,” say the self-confessed hedonists. “We love to indulge in massage and watching others in pleasure.” And as for watching them in pleasure? You can do it right here!


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Jack & Jill's Video Collection

Oil's Well
Jack and Jill are the first to describe themselves as hedonists, and in their first Lustery video, the pursuit of pleasure takes an oil-slicked turn for the utterly tantalising with a sensual rubdown bound for a happy ending. Beginning with feeling each other up on their massage table, the Las Vegas-based pair soon head to the bed for Jill to lower herself onto Jack’s cock and ride him to multiple powerful orgasms.
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