Introducing: Jack & Jill

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At least, this was the case for Jack and Jill who met both as new transplants to the West Coast. As they explain, they were actual neighbors, about a two-minute walk from each other’s apartments. After seeing each other in passing a few times, eventually Jack asked Jill out for sushi. “Even though Jack locked his keys in his car on the first date, the rest of the night was wonderful,” they say.“Ever since then we have been together.”

It didn’t take long for the now-married couple before the once-unimaginable happened: they started airing their sex life on a live webcam show. “We never saw ourselves live streaming our sex life,” they explain, “and we wouldn't have done it with anyone else.” However, as it turns out, doing it together not only changed their careers but irrevocably altered their personal lives – for the better! Not only is their relationship stronger but Jack says sharing their sex life online taught him to be a more patient lover too. “Though it can be difficult being around your partner 24/7, we both have learned so much and feel we are much closer now. We feel we complete one another.”

While their sex- and professional lives overlap, it’s not all streamed for an audience. “We typically have ‘offline’ sex around three times a week. We call it offline sex because it’s not live. It’s a lot more about pleasing each other instead of getting good shots. Also, sex in our household isn’t really spontaneous–we enjoy slowly getting into the mood, putting a blanket down, getting lube, and talking about what kind of mood we’re in.” 

Jill's favorite sex position, they say, is on top (“This makes her have an orgasm, usually multiple, almost 100% of the time”) while Jack really likes sensory deprivation (blindfolds, mostly), overstimulation, and squirting. And they both adore pleasure! “We are both hedonists and love to indulge in massage and watching others in pleasure. We both enjoy sharing new experiences with people, especially sensory deprivation. We like people to indulge with us and try aphrodisiacs, explore light touch and impact play as well warm temperature play with massage candles and warm body oil.”

If all this rub’s you up the right way, you don’t want to miss their sensational Lustery debut!

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