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Eve & Ethan

The basics
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  • Name:

    Eve & Ethan

  • Age:

    25 & 44

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Paris, France

  • Sex life:


While 2020 sucked for just about everyone, Paris-based pair Eve and Ethan are the rare exceptions who managed to grow closer, lockdowns, social distancing and all. Eve is a model and Ethan a photographer and the idea had been to do a photoshoot together – but the pandemic had other plans. Instead, the two got to know each other online and their interest in each transformed from merely professional to totally romantic – by the time they got around to that photoshoot, they were completely in love. And being physically in each other’s presence, confirmed that they were definitely in lust too.

They say that their sex life is a safe space for sharing kinks and fantasies without judgment and for fully being themselves, and over the seven months that they’ve been together, they’ve found their flow – and no, we’re not just talking about Eve’s gushing squirts. They count sex on the table, classic missionary with legs up (“super good for a nice squirt”) and wet and messy oral as their favorite sex acts. Ethan also helped usher in eve’s initiation to BDSM, “blindfolded, tied, and very slowly explored and played with”. “It was intense,

deep, respectful and super dirty!” they say. “The fact that with the blindfold it wasn’t possible to see anything made it all seem a little bit like a dream, focusing only on feelings and sounds, without being able to know what will happen next.”

Of course, the charismatic couple also love filming themselves together – and you only have to watch their red-hot Lustery debut to see why…


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Eve & Ethan 's Video Collection

The VIP Lounge
As they begin making out under the glow of neon lights, we’re welcomed into Paris-based pair Eve and Ethan’s living room for an invite-only introduction to their incredible sex life. On the menu tonight: the house specialties of wet and messy oral, a little power play (think Ethan tightening his hand around Eve’s neck while he pounds her on the sofa), a huge and breathless squirt from Eve and an equally massive cum shot from Ethan.
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