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Atreus & Mariah

The basics
  • 520
  • Name:

    Atreus & Mariah

  • Age:

    35 & 35

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Washington D.C., USA

  • Sex life:


It’s been eight years since the fateful winter night when Atreus and Mariah first met, seven of them married and, yes, they’ve started a family too. And yet, sex has remained a priority for these erotic explorers – in fact, they reckon it’s only getting better! “We have sex most days,” they say. “Before kids it was absolutely every day and often multiple times each day. We are still very active sexually and find that if it's been a day or two without sex, the quality of pleasure is heightened by the anticipation.”

When they’re not actually fucking, they make sure to spend plenty of time talking about it, a practice which, they say, has allowed many of their fantasies to become a reality. The latest involved taking their love of being watched to a new level, when a photographer friend offered to take some erotic photos of them and ended up filming them making love. “The chemistry in the room was so hot!” they say.

And they’re not done exploring new ways to bring each other pleasure. “We are only now starting to explore the world of BDSM and are so excited to do more and more. We both love roleplay and consensual non-consent. Atreus also enjoys anal play and prostate message. So yeah, we enjoy a kink or two!” they say. Their latest kink? Filming themselves, of course!


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Atreus & Mariah's Video Collection

Sneak Peak
No, that’s not a typo in the title but a nod to the orgasmic potential (and ability to be *almost* silent doing it) of passionate powerhouse of a couple, Atreus and Mariah. For their third Lustery submission, the two take advantage of a sunny day, first to touch and caress – Mariah’s nipples hardening under Atreus’s touch and his cock stiffening under hers in turn – before Mariah settles onto Atreus’s lap to ride them both to barely restrained bliss.
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