Introducing: Atreus & Mariah

Category: Couple News

The Washington DC-based pair have been married for seven years after online dating connected them in 2012. “We had our first date on a cold evening in late 2012 at a littleItalian restaurant next to a movie theatre. Immediately, we hit it off. After our first couple dates, we were seeing each other as often as we could. We were in our mid-twenties and it didn’t take long before our sex life started to take off.” 

And despite starting a family and working full-time, the passionate partners swear their sex life is only getting more and more interesting. “We always devote time for sexual exploration and pleasure,” they say. “We love to talk about anything and everything, and have found that great communication makes for the best sex in the world. We are completely open with one another, trust fully, and turn our fantasies into reality.”

A recent fantasy turned real involved a vacation in which they were sharing a beach rental home with friends. “They enjoy spending time nude just as we do, but are also sex positive. We had fantasized about being able to have sex anytime, anywhere, and even in front of other people, but never knew it was possible until now,” explain the self-confessed sexual explorers.“Our friend offered to do some erotic photography for us and we jumped at the opportunity. We weren't sure if we would be nervous, but turns out that we felt even more aroused with someone else watching us. The chemistry in the room was so hot!We didn't stop at just photos–we ended up taking several sex videos on the trip too!”

When it comes to their favourite ways to get frisky, their list is thrillingly extensive and includes 69ing, anal sex, when Mariah rides Atreus in reverse cowgirl, role-play, bondage, consensual non-consent and more! They say, “We're always exploring new things so it’s hard to pick a favourite; we really love variety.” Best of all for Lustery, they love filming themselves. “We love knowing people are watching us and we love watching ourselves.” And we love that!

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