Anca & Daniela

The basics
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  • Name:

    Anca & Daniela

  • Age:

    24 & 25

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Sex life:


It’s not often that you find a couple so comfortable with each other just two months into knowing each other that they’re ready to share their intimate sex lives but adorable Russian lesbians Anca and Daniela knew it was love from the first breathtaking fuck – and who wouldn’t want to document every one after that? The pair met at a friend’s place and immediately clicked, saying, “It was really easy for us just to spend hours talking about stuff right from the beginning and we soon found out that we have a lot in common.” Among them, an interest in getting each other naked as soon as they possibly could.

“We understand each other’s need for affection and for pleasure really well. We're in tune with our bodies and our pussies, but also on a mental level too,” they say of their blossoming love – and lust – for each other. And as their relationship has rapidly grown, so has their list of shared kinks. The girls list sex in public places, watching each other masturbate, roleplay, sensation play, latex, breath play, piss play, nylons, tentacles and wax play as some of their favourites, adding that they’d also love to try a sex robot and vacuum bed. And now that they’re on Lustery, we wonder if filming themselves will be their next favourite pastime? We hope so!


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Anca & Daniela's Video Collection

Learning the Ropes
For the latest edition of the Lustery Vlog, the adorable Anca and Daniela enjoy a rope-filled romp of a day! Taking advantage of the summer sun, the lovely lesbians go explore a high ropes course near to their new apartment. While Daniela—initially afraid of “breaking her ass”—absolutely loved the climbing, Anca was less of a fan, determining that pole dancing was more her speed (maybe subject for their next Vlog?) Afterwards, the Russian cuties go lingerie shopping, but the thrill of teasing each other in the changing room proves too arousing and before long the two are back home for some rope play of a different kind...trying shibari together for the first time! From tribbing to toying, their passionate lovemaking is sure to make your day a little bit better!
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