Introducing: Anca & Daniela

Category: Couple News

If Russian lovers Anca and Daniela seem head-over-heels smitten with each other, that’s because they are.

The adorable pair may only have met a few brief months ago, but, they say, it was love at first fuck. It was Anca who made the first move, they explain, being so vocal about being into girls, while Daniela is usually quieter around new people. That said, neither one of them was shy about hooking up the day that they met – and they’ve been “totally mesmerized” since. “What we have right now is certainly a very severe case of butterflies in our stomachs,” they laugh. “It's like we're on our honeymoon. What we have is very special.”

Needless to say, the lovestruck lesbians fuck on the daily. “Everything is new to us, so we have a lot of ideas and we try them little by little,” they say. “With so many fetishes to explore together, you know, the possibilities are endless.” And yes, despite the newness of their relationship, they already share a long and tantalising list of turn-ons and kinks. Think sex in public places, watching each other masturbate, roleplay, sensation play, latex, breath play, piss play, nylons, tentacles and wax play. Anca also loves when Daniela glides with her pussy over her face and Daniela is crazy about G-spot stimulation and has her sights set on mastering squirting.

They’ve also notched up a few wild sex stories already. Their craziest? A dressing room oral quickie! “It was so hot! Why did we not do it sooner?” the say. “We didn't plan it but the idea came to us simultaneously while we were trying clothes in a little room with loud music and two gigantic mirrors. It's really good that the music was loud and nobody heard us!”

And why Lustery? “We think that it's really cool we get to document how we fuck and how we explore each other as we film ourselves, real-time,” they say. “And that'll definitely change in the future, so we'll be able to revisit our old sex tapes and enjoy this sweet memory.”