“I thought she was so sexy and played music so well and I really wanted to meet her...” It might be a concert-going experience familiar to many audience members but for French babes Yuna and Renn, Yuna’s recollection of that fateful day also describes the opening chapter of their romance after she fell for the gorgeous girl she saw playing on stage.

Mutual friends introduced the two and they started playing music in a band together. As the sexual tension mounted with each rehearsal, they knew their connection went beyond music – this crush was definitely shared.

It’s been about a year since the pair started dating, and living on the same block means they see each other a few times a week. However, as it turns out, their most adventurous sex story happened a little further from home. Self-confessed “city people”, they say they were on their way home after a gig, driving back to the city, “when we found ourselves in a beautiful summer countryside landscape”. We’re not sure if it’s the scenery or each other they couldn’t resist but you can guess how this tale ends. “We pulled over, quickly undressed and had really loud sex in a field in broad daylight not too far from some farmers and locals.”

The pair are as likely to turn heads even when they’re dressed up. After all, one of their favourite pastimes is dressing up “scandalously sexy” and going out like this (or not if they get too distracted by each other before they get to the door), giving each other strength, they say, in front of the world gaze. We know for certain all eyes will be on them as they make their incredible Lustery debut showcasing a few of their best things: slow sex filled with teasing and tension, gorgeous get-ups and playing with their magnificent purple dildo…