A New Lease on Lust

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Author: The Lustery Team

Welcome to Lustery POV, the online magazine dedicated to sharing sex-positive advice, opinions and experiences with deep dives into sex, intimacy, relationships, and a whole lot more…


So why POV? Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sex and relationships. No one person has it all figured out but when we add all our voices together and consider the full spectrum of our points of view, we can start to create more genuine and inclusive narratives.

We’re offering new perspectives on love and on lust and new angles to consider (and no, we’re not just talking sex positions) with the firm believe that sharing personal experiences and different opinions is how we build community, destigmatize desire, learn about ourselves and expand our horizons.

So this is how POV came to be, holding space for writers, sex therapists, intimacy coaches, artists, sex workers, poets and all round curious, kinky and creative minds to express their thoughts, inspire our community, start interesting debates and, yes, even turn us on...

Discover sexuality and relationships through another point of view, with insights that allow us to name and imagine what’s possible.

Are you ready to join the conversation? To get you more acquainted, here’s a little teaser of what you can expect


HOROSCOPES We start each month with astrological affirmations by our in-house astrologer and no-bullshit oracle Maria Blah. Expect short-but-sweet advice that will help you get through the month, Mercury in retrograde or not.

CULTURE The TV shows, art, films, books, current events and pop culture getting us enthralled, inspired, mad or aroused enough to have something to say about them…


ADVICE Even the most seasoned lover can do with some sage words of wisdom every now and then (and if you don’t believe that’s you then it’s likely especially you). If you’re feeling a bit lost, check out our monthly advice column, “Ask Aria”, where people from all over the globe write to Aria Vega, advice columnist extraordinaire, to tackle riddles of the heart, problems in the pants and everything in between.

Not quite ready to confess all? Never fear, we have plenty more advice-oriented features that grapple with the things we’ve all wondered but been too afraid to ask. Think, how do I speak up for myself in my relationships? Or, I want to try anal, how the hell do I start? All research-backed and with enough tongue-in-cheek humor to at least elicit the occasional giggle. You can thank us later…

POV Once you’re settled in and ready for some long reads, check out our opinion pieces: featured interviews, personal essays, first-person confessionals and regular raunchy ramblings by our esteemed columnists. No topic is too taboo, no insight too intimate and no revelation too ridiculous – it’s all a matter of perspective!

photo by Alex kacha.
EROTICA If you’re feeling comfortable enough to take off your shoes (or pants – we don’t judge here) by now, you’ve come to the right place. It’s been a long time coming – pun totally, intended – but we’ve finally launched our erotica offering. Think, poems, short fiction, fiery fantasies, real-life racy renditions and audio porn for days, showcasing some of the filthiest minds and greatest writing talents we’ve encountered.

COUPLE NEWS Did this stir something up inside you? You’re not alone – there’s a deeper layer to Lustery that reveals itself (and often in more ways than one) on POV. We have a whole community of real-life couples who love to share their intimate lives on screen and you can see a curated collection of their hottest videos in the monthly Lustery playlist. Think of it as the greatest hits of a site brimming with bangers, but psst, it’s only accessible to Lustery members, so make sure to sign up.


PODCAST What would a sex and relationship-focused platform be without a little aural enticement? When it’s time to give your eyes, hands or Hitachi a break, you can still sit back and enjoy our Lustery POV podcast episodes where we take deeper look into the world of sex, sexuality and relationships, one point of view at a time

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