To say that “their eyes met across a crowded cafeteria” is not actually far off when it comes the start of Barcelona-based babes Tommy and Tania’s romance. As it turns out, the Spanish sweethearts noticed each other when they’d both take their work breaks in the same café. Nods turned to smiles and smiles to hellos and eventually the two started drinking their coffee together, becoming more intrigued with each other from one break to the next. From there, their relationship gradually emerged and they’ve been together for three years now.

When the two are together, they can’t keep their hands off each other… which has made for some pretty daring erotic escapades. There was the beach excursion that saw them getting frisky in what seemed to be a secluded area of the beach – good thing they had a towel to cover up with when people passed by on the road! And if Tania says she can’t even finish washing the dishes when the two start to tease each other, you can be sure they’re not sitting though an entire movie – not even in the cinema. “We were watching a movie and Tommy started touching me,” Tania says. “I got excited and proposed to go to the bathroom to finish the job. When we arrived at the WC, we realised that there was someone inside but we didn’t care. We went into the next one and we are convinced that they listened to us. And you know what? We loved that!” 

Aside from both being fans of beautiful lingerie, the two say they get off on the idea of getting caught – without actually getting caught, of course. Caught on camera for Lustery though? They reckon they’re ready to add that to their list of turn-ons too.