Hailing from Bariloche in Argentina, Noel and Roma initially met through friends and their fascination with each other was so instantaneous that their first date followed almost immediately after. It was a night of shared joints and even more intoxicating exchanged looks and intense eye contact... “We couldn’t control ourselves and we had sex in the bathroom,” the pair admit. “We had such a good time together that we directly went and spent the night together in bed!” In fact, they had such a good time together that they haven’t been apart since. 

Not much has changed since that first fateful night that they tore each other’s clothes off in the bathroom – it still takes just a glance to drive each other wild and the couple describe their sex life is very active and fun. “We love toys and we love to use a strap-on (for some seriously moan-inducing strap-on action, don’t miss their white-hot first Lustery video). And we also try out new things all the time,” they say. New things and new people… The Latin American lovers have a soft spot for sharing orgies and sexual partners.

When they’re not living out most people’s group sex fantasies, they get turned on by a little fantasizing of their own, regularly watching BDSM porn and erotic films together before turning their attention – and desire – to each other.

For Noel, a trans man, and Roma, who is non-binary, their relationship is about more than sharing their sexuality, it’s also about sharing their lives as they fully realize their dissident and nonconforming identities.