Natalia and Dorian first met through mutual friends at a house party when Natalia was 18. While the party was going on around them, we figure these two must only have had eyes for each other because, as they say, they’ve been “basically inseparable ever since”. Now married, the pair say that they moved in together almost immediately. “Dorian is my first love and first real, loving, relationship,” says Natalia. 

The American sweethearts describe their relationship as “crazy”, adding that they laugh hard, love hard and even fight hard. “But,” like they romantics they are, they say, “we always forgive each other and know we’re each other’s forever loves.”  

The pair enjoy a sex life as passionate as the rest of their relationship, having sex around four or five days a week. Oral sex features prominently, with Natalia calling Dorian’s pussy eating skills “amazing”. “Dorian loves to go down on me and is so freaking good at it!” she enthuses. They also love reverse cowgirl and the ‘Surf Board’ position (hey, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé…).

While the two don’t have any shared kinks or fetishes to share, they do have a few wild sex stories. Their wildest? “About a year and a half into our relationship, we had sex in a park!” they confess. “No one was around, we promise… we think!” As it turns out, Natalia just so happened to be wearing a dress that day, they just so happened to meet up for her lunch break from her job as a receptionist and the park happened to be empty… We can understand the temptation!

As the couple gets set to move house, they’re also beginning another new adventure – with Lustery! “We really hope you enjoy watching our new journey,” they say. “We hope to open up even more and be even happier than we are now.”