Introducing: Mitsuki & William

October 26 2 min read

When Mitsuki and William call themselves “life partners”, it’s not merely label but a testament to a relationship that has seen them grow up together, go out in the world together and grow as a couple over course of 17 years. 

The two first met playing soccer in a neighbourhood park in Madrid – Mitsuki was 10 and William 11. To say that they quickly became inseparable is no understatement. By the age of 14, after losing their virginity together, the two were regularly skipping school to focus more on their unofficial sex education. “From then on we started to discover our sexuality,” they say. “We began to explore and do it outdoors since we were young teenagers and didn't have a house to have some privacy, nor money to buy it, so we ended up in the park or on the stairs in the doorway doing doggy (a favorite position) and we realized that we felt very comfortable with sex and trying new things.”

Fast-forward a few years and by the age of 20, the two had decided to at least sometimes have the option of having a door to close and so moved in together. There they discovered their passion for filming themselves fucking, though the public forays of their formative years remained an important feature of their sex life. “We love to have sex and have people watching us,” the confess. With this in mind, it’s no wonder they ended up working together in a peepshow.

Now living in Amsterdam, they say one of the keys to keeping their sex life so exciting all these years is the fact that they haven’t stopped discovering new things to enjoy together. “After years of adventures, here we are still together and willing to continue.”