After meeting at a Beltain festival in 2003 – self-proclaimed “love at first sight” – American sweethearts Matthias and Erin’s relationship has gone the distance and taken them on a journey of self-discovery in the process!

Describing the first time they had sex, Erin says, “Matthias transcended all my issues by just

being present and available but he in no way came on to me or was pushy. He totally let me come to him. And I did come... many times that night. It was the best sex I had ever had.” Though Erin’s sex drive had been lying dormant, their relationship started a process of healing and exploring, fostered by years of love and encouragement – now the pair get it on at least once a day (if not two, three, four or five times!).

Did we mention exploring? Erin says that it’s really only been in the last six years that she came to realise that she’s also attracted to women. Double the partners means double the desire for the couple with Erin explaining that having a girlfriend involved took her arousal levels from getting warmer to on fire. “I love having sex with Matthias while she licks me pussy. He usually fucks me until I cum at least once and then he’ll fuck her while I lick her,” is her blissful description.

“We’ve definitely spiced things up,” Matthias agrees.

Of course, in amongst the adventures there are some pretty funny misadventures too, like the time they were filming themselves having sex in treehouse in Erin got a splinter somewhere, well, rather sensitive. Clearly an on-screen pro, Erin took it all in her stride and didn’t stop the action. “There’s a ‘look of surprise’ five minutes before the end of the video but we just went on. As soon as we turned off camera, I said, ‘Okay, there’s a splinter in my butt. Can you get this out?’ It was huge!

Here’s looking forward to all the videos – maybe without the misadventure – as the pair make their Lustery debut!