UK-based models Marc and Haydies first met a couple of years ago when they were booked together for a shoot. And some inspired casting it must have been because from the very first moment they set eyes on each other, they just clicked. “There was an immediate physical and subsequent mental attraction,” they say. So much so that their shoot together that day “became a very naughty one indeed”, they confess. Practice for Lustery, perhaps?

The eye-catching pair have been lovers ever since, using every opportunity that they have to fuck to enjoy that spectacular chemistry that had them gravitating towards each other from Day One and to act out their fantasies too. “Haydies is an expert at deep throat and I particularly like having her on top so that I can look up into her beautiful eyes while we make love and, more often than not, fuck each other like animals!” Marc says. “I am also particularly fond of fucking her from behind as that gives us the best penetration and can bring her to orgasm very quickly.” Haydies loves it when Marc cums all over her face, saying that it makes her feel “extra pretty"! 

If all of that sounds good to you, you’ll love their most adventurous sex story because it featured all of the above and was while filming their phenomenal Lustery debut, which they filmed outdoors in a field. “It was a nice day and we thought it would be good to go outside,” they say. “Both of us got turned on by the chance of being caught but we would have been happy if anyone wanted to watch too!”