The story of how Florida-based couple Luke and Bailey met is a classic ‘sliding into her DMs’ tale of online intrigue long before they met in person. However, they joke, far from being an instant connection, Bailey ignored Luke at first. When she finally did get around to replying though, their connection was instantaneous and ‘something out of this world’.

And their first in-person meeting? Well, that could’ve taken them out of this world! ‘The first time we met is also our most adventurous sex story,’ they confide. ‘I [Luke] picked her up and we were having sex within ten minutes of meeting each other. She couldn’t wait and she was riding me in cowgirl position while I was driving at 90mph down the highway!’

The passionate pair haven’t slowed down since their high-speed start. ‘We are both very sexual people and can go with having sex once a day up to multiple times a day,’ they say. ‘We have a lot of different outfits and bondage items if we’re not feeling like being vanilla during sex. We will have sex anywhere but normally go for somewhere comfy like the bed.’

It’s not just their high sex drives that they have in common either. They describe themselves as goofy and silly, a shared trait that makes every day that they’re together interesting. That, and being able to be mature when they ‘have to be’. ‘Our relationship is pretty great, we both care greatly for one another and continue to push the other one to do better,’ they say. They describe their relationship as ‘heaven’ and, if their steamy Lustery debut video is anything to go, their fucking only verifies the fact.