“I like to tease Kate that we met on Craigslist,” laughs Chris. He’s only half-joking too. The pair, now based in Wyoming, first met when Chris was looking for a room in a big house with a lot of housemates and found himself interviewing for the room adjacent to Kate’s. 

Chris moved in and they hit it off immediately, though it took six months of getting to know each other as friends before one evening, after a few drinks at a local bar, Kate knocked on Chris’s door, and asked if she could cuddle with him that night. “It didn’t take long for us to tell the roommates we were more than friends after that,” they say. “Most of them said, ‘What? We thought you guys were hooking up forever ago!’”

The two housemates-to-soulmates have now been together for five years and married for two, and call their relationship their “single greatest adventure”. “We’ve lived in a

van and travelled the northwest United States, lived in more than five cities across three states, started businesses ranging from computer companies to bakeries, and now porn and sharing our intimate lifestyle. We’ve gone through Kate’s cancer diagnosis to full recovery together,” they say. “Together we’ve never said no to anything and always taken the adventure that was presented. It’s what has fostered the beautiful connection and

love that we have for each other.”

As so dreamily demonstrated in their languorous Lustery debut, when it comes to sex, these laidback lovers like to take their time. “Our style is very meditative and tantric. We do this thing where we lay on our backs side by side, with our heads and feet opposite, with one leg

draped over the other’s chest, while we mutually masturbate. The way we are entwinned with each other is very intimate and connects us in many ways.” For them, moving slow has been “a relationship game-changer”. 

Of course, it’s not all slowed down and sensual. After all, their most adventurous sex story was a carwash quickie. “We were the next car in line, and Chris wondered if we could enter the car wash, undress, climb into the backseat, bang, and then dress and be back in the front seat by the time the wash was finished,” they explain. “We succeeded, and to this day it was the best quickie we’ve ever had!”