Introducing: Jack & Lara

January 4 2 min read

Jack and Lara first met five years ago when they were both in college. Lara was in the audience with some friends at an improv event, watching groups from various colleges in the area perform. As Lara explains, “One group included a guy who was so handsome that I couldn't take my eyes off him.”

And then fate – or friends – intervened. Lara says, “I whispered to my friend, ‘The guy with the long hair is cute. I would love to draw him.’ My friend replied, ‘You should talk to him, then!’ I said, ‘Oh, no, I couldn't do that.’ During intermission, my friend approached the guy and told him, ‘My friend wants to talk to you.’ Not knowing what else to say, I got right to the point and said to him, ‘Hi, I'm an artist, I think you're gorgeous, and I would love to draw you.’ Jack’s friends, in turn, urged him to exchange numbers with the cute artist, so setting the stage for a blossoming relationship with the New York-based couple calling it official in October 2015 and sharing an apartment since February 2018.

While their first encounter might have been a little more reserved, these days the pair is anything but. “We have sex once or twice a day, usually fairly vanilla, but we sometimes like to incorporate a bit of light bondage and pet play,” they say. Keeping it playful, you can expect toys to feature too – among its many moan-out-loud highlights, their sweet and sensual Lustery debut features Jack with his ass plugged and pleasured as Lara sucks him off.

While we hope to see much more from the couple, we suggest they maybe skip a repeat of their most adventurous sex story – getting caught by the police having sex in Jack’s car!