Ciprine and CyberXswann went from party-planners to playmates after they first met four years ago while organizing a techno event. 


Not long after that, the femme-on-femme queer couple from the south of France found themselves living together for a few months in a big queer feminist collective house where they became close friends. Through thick and thin, they stuck together, life crises and moments of joy. However, it took attending a play party together in Toulouse to take that closeness onto a kinkier course.  


Our interest in doing BDSM together came up and the initiation of CyberXswann began. Quickly our sessions grew very heavily sexual and became regular so we slipped into a relationship of another kind,” they say. We value the level of trust that's there due to our past friendship. It makes our sex life more playful and we are more likely to try out new things.  


Ciprine is the more dominant of the duo, while Swann identifies more as “switchy”, a dynamic which makes for interesting – and intense – experiences. And while Ciprine has guided Swann’s discovery of her kinkier side, they say that Swann pushes Ciprine to be more spontaneous. Just take the time they fucked in a truck surrounded by 10,000 people at a techno party... 


We enjoy anal sex, threesomes and to mix sex and submission with bondage, orders and foot worship,” they say. From BDSM, we developed a taste for planning stuff in advance and talking through details to build up fantasies. We like to experiment and feedback afterwards endlessly.” Filming for Lustery is the latest venture for the lovers, with many of their favorite activities sensually showcased in their jaw-dropping debut!