Office romances turned full-fledged relationships aren’t all that unusual here on Lustery but it’s not every day that the ‘office’ is a strip club and the colleagues crushing on each other are two of its dancers. However, Australian babes Alice and Rosie are about to change all that…

“We met working together as strippers where we’d sneak away and make out in the change rooms,” confess the lesbian lovers, and since then, they say, they’ve been inseparable. Of course, it wouldn’t be a workplace romance without a little drama. The irrepressible pair describe how they got caught fucking in the change rooms at work once. Their excuse? “Customers had been buying us drinks all night and we didn't realise how loud we were being! Our manager busted us and after that everyone knew we were dating. We had to take it to HR!”

Of course, their after-hours sex life is just as juicy as those early work shenanigans. “A lot of the time we both wake up horny, so our favourite start to the day is going down on each other before our morning coffee.” They say that if they’re spending the day together, they’ll “fuck whenever and wherever we can”. And if not? “We’ll spend at least a few hours sexting, telling each other in detail exactly what we want to do to each other – sometimes we’ll even use a remote-controlled vibrator or one of us will wear a butt plug out, getting worked up all day so we can come home and devour each other.”

When it comes to shared kinks, nothing gets these girls as excited as a chance to experiment together. “We’re learning together constantly. Some fun things we’ve tried include food play, sensation play, foot worship, electrostimulation and spanking.” They’re also big fans of sex toys with a growing “box of dicks” to prove it. 

And naturally, videoing themselves is now a favourite pastime too. They say, “We can’t wait to share our sex life with Lustery – it’s too hot to keep to ourselves!” We couldn’t agree with them more.