When it’s right, it’s right, and in the case of Alice and Mr Right, from the very beginning it was clear that they were at least 97% meant to be – at least, according to OKCupid, which is where the playful pair first connected. They moved in together as roommates five months after their first date and are now in what they describe as “a passionate, long-term, polyamorous relationship”.

The self-confessed “nudists, sushi lovers and minimalists” share a love for pegging and prostate massages (blissfully demonstrated in their sensual Lustery debut), light D/s play (femDomme is a particular favourite), sensory play, voyeurism, group sex, and public sex. 

In fact, the first time they fucked was in public during a BDSM night at a sex club. Their second date took a turn for the adventurous too; the kinky couple recounts, “We didn't have sex, but we did end up in 69 position with our fingers up each other’s butts...” As it turns out, Alice mentions that her favourite sex act is “receiving pussy licking with a finger in her butt”, while Mr Right up the ante with his: getting a prostate massage from one lover, while simultaneously having sex with another. “It requires more than one partner at a time, but can't be beat for an intense orgasm,” he says.

The adventurous lovers have sex at least two or three times a week, and when they do, they love to dig into their toy box. Alice loved this warming vibrator until Mr Right accidentally stepped on it. Now she has a Lelo, and while it has many settings, she says, it's just not the same. Mr Right, on the other hand, loves his little pink dildo and says he is “always on the search for the perfect pocket pussy to pair with it”. He also says that his first cum was humping a Hitachi. And then, of course, there's the strap-on...