Alice & Mr. Right

The basics
  • 205
  • Name:

    Alice & Mr. Right

  • Age:

    27 & 29

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Wonderland, USA

  • Sex life:


Before Alice and Mr Right ever met in person, OKCupid – the dating platform where they first connected – had already indicated that they were a 97% match (something they still like to bring up as a point of pride). It didn’t take long for them to make up that remaining three percent, bonding over shared passions (they call themselves "nudists, sushi lovers, minimalists”) and more-than-bonding over shared kinks. “We both enjoy pegging and prostate massages, light D/s play (femDomme), sensory play, voyeurism, group sex and public sex,” they say, making for a sex life that they readily describe as “adventurous”. Alice's favourite position is what she terms “lazy doggy”, which is like regular doggy but with her fully lying down while Mr Right's preferred position is a “perpendicular missionary” type thing. Both are big on anal stimulation though, which might explain why their second date ended in 69 position “with our fingers up each other’s butt”. It’s a theme they explore in their languid and lust-filled debut too – and who doesn’t love a little anal exploration?


Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Male Pov, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Sex Toy, Anal Fingering, Dildo, Lube, Short Hair, Cuddling, Laughing, Massage, Masturbating, Magic Wand, Rimming, Anal, Blindfold, Handjob, POV, Fluid Bonded.

Alice & Mr. Right's Video Collection

Mixed Massages
Easing into the action, “proud weirdos” Alice and Mr Right begin their languid Lustery debut with a little loosening up. The playful pair start off by exchange sensual oil massages, bedroom banter, kisses and caresses, with the focus slowly, deliberately and deliciously evolving from chilling out to getting off. The pair love ass play (on their second date they “ended up in 69 position with our fingers up each other’s butts”), eagerly engaging in some his-and-hers anal exploration for a sensational first video that ends in the covered in oil, lube, period blood and cum. Bravo!
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