Introducing: Shargón & Innana

Category: Couple News

For Spanish pair Shargón and Innana, a chance encounter on the Camina de Santiago rewrote their dating lives – and destinies.

While the two have been together for six years now, their relationship has grown and evolved dramatically since those early days. “At first, we would meet to fuck all day long,” they confess, “but between fucks we realized that we had a powerful connection in every way.” Eventually, they say, it became apparent that they both wanted something more than a casual hook-up and “we became a conventional couple”. However, conventional wasn’t quite the right fit either: “Over the years, we realized that we wanted to add more excitement to our sexual relationships, and we decided to try opening up our sexual relationship. We liked being open so much that we’ve continue with that kind of relationship to this day,” they explain.

Their love of keeping things ‘open’ also extends to, quite literally, out in the open and playful pair admit that more than a few of their steamiest erotic escapades have involved public sex, probably “due to the fact that sometimes we have been aroused in inappropriate places and, on certain occasions, desire overcomes civic duty”.

Whether in private or in public, the pair say that they enjoy an active sex life. Although things can get busy in their day-to-day life between work and studying, finding time to put aside other distractions and get frisky is usually a close-to-daily occurrence. Shargón loves doggy style while Innana says that her favorite position is missionary – evidenced in the blissed-out banging of their passionate Lustery debut. Don’t miss it!