Introducing: Mitch & Sally

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The two met in the early days of internet dating (“Yes, we shopped online!” they laugh) after Sally put an ad on Yahoo! Singles with the line “Are you out there?”, to which Mitch responded with, “Well, I am definitely out there!” As it turns out, being out there was just one of the many things they had in common, and 17 years later, this creative, artistic and – yes! – kinky couple is still going strong.

The pair describe themselves as “best buddies”, adding that they’ve been that way for going on 20 years. “We support each other and have a lot of passion for each other. We love to sit in our hot tub and relax and chat, go on long walks and then come home and fuck our brains out for other people,” they say. “We just enjoy each other's company and we feel it shows!”

And it does show! It was Mitch who first told Sally, “You could be a pinup model, you’re so cute.” He started taking sexy photos of her and – you guessed it – people loved them. After a couple years of Sally taking center stage in their saucy creations, she convinced Mitch that it was time he put himself out there too. He found an audience camming and figured, “Hey, why not get Sally involved?” The rest, as they say, is history and they’ve been gladly sharing their sex life since.

While they confess that it two weeks for them to have their first kiss, nowadays there’s no more holding back. They have “a whole room dedicated to having wild sex with cameras, toys, furniture, the lot”, and their marathon sex sessions can involve anything from dressing up to pegging – often on camera for their fans. “It's almost like we got older and made having sex into this amazing adventure where we play around like we’re porn stars but we’re just two people madly in love wanting to share that feeling with everyone,” they say. “Maybe we can show people that even though you are gonna get older, you can still hold it together, enjoy each other, have fun and have an incredibly adventurous sex life!”

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