Introducing: Madison & Selvi

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Based in France and hailing from Russia, Selvi and Madison first met a few years ago through mutual friends when Selvi was still traveling often between the two countries. They struck up such an instantaneous connection that Selvi’s Airbnb was left largely unused – “I basically moved in with Madison for most of the time,” she laughs. The two would stay up late into the night, not having sex (though you’d be forgiven for thinking so based on the stunning chemistry on display in their Lustery debut) but talking about anything and everything, including plenty of shared life experiences. A fast and firm friendship developed, founded on trust and, importantly, feeling seen and accepted.

When Selvi was forced to leave her home country, it was Madison who opened her door to her. “I found my home in her home,” says Selvi. More than that, they found a romantic connection – one that they say came out of nowhere but feels like it was meant to be. They’ve been dating a few months now, the intimacy they developed over years now sexual too. And, they say, even the smallest things can give them all the momentum they need to surrender to passion. “Sometimes if we do something together like shopping or cooking, there is a spark and sometimes we can make love right on the floor,” they say.

The pair love playing with toys, dressing in beautiful lace lingerie and long drawn-out makeout sessions that end with 69’ing. Filming themselves together, however, is a brand-new experience – in fact, their sweet and sensual Lustery debut was the first time. Though you may recognize Selvi from her incredible threesome with Lustery couple Anca and Daniela, she shyly admits that this is the first time she’s filming anything with someone she’s “together together” with… As you’ll see though, it just takes one kiss for their nervousness to melt away and we can’t wait to see more.

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