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Madison & Selvi

The basics
  • 157
  • Name:

    Madison & Selvi

  • Age:

    30 & 25

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Krasnoyark, Russian Federation

  • Sex life:


Selvi and Madison share what they call a “long and special story”. They first met through mutual friends in Paris when Selvi was visiting the French capital from Russia. Their connection was instant and they became fast friends, staying up late into the night talking and sharing in a way they never had before. Selvi began visiting more regularly and when she was forced to flee her home country, Madison’s became a place of refuge and, ultimately, of romance. The two have been together “officially” for a few months now, something they say feels like it was “meant to be”. They’ve made love in the fitting rooms of expensive boutiques and in the dark of night, exchanged orgasms under the stars on their apartment terrace. Now, however, they’re ready to share as they film their sex lives for the first time and reveal their most intimate moments right here on Lustery. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the community!


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Madison & Selvi's Video Collection

A First Time For Everything
After three years of friendship, a romantic connection took Selvi and Madison by surprise. While their relationship may still be in its early days with plenty of new experiences and exploration, there’s one first they’re sharing with Lustery: their first time ever filming themselves together. While there might be shy smiles and nervous laughter aplenty in their intro, as soon as they begin making out, all sense of hesitation melts away for a playful and pleasure-packed first submission that’s as easy and natural as it is naughty.
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