Introducing: Luis & Rob

Category: Couple News

Hailing from Mexico and Venezuela respectively, Rob and Luis explain that they met at a pool party around three years ago. The attraction was instant and they got to chatting, which turned to kissing, which turned to the two ultimately spending every day together until Rob had to head back home… Which he managed to do for a year, the pair opting to do the long-distance thing, before they finally decided they were better together than apart.

Their relationship is equal parts silly and sincere. They say, “We are both Latins, so we have that funny-playful mood all the time. We believe in being honest with each other and are very close and supportive. And we love to prank each other! Of course, sometimes we end up fighting, but there's nothing good sex can’t fix.”

In fact, there’s always time for good sex in their household with them estimating that they get it on at least 10 times a week. If they go to the gym together, they always end up getting horny watching each other getting sweaty in their shorts… If Luis is lying on the couch in his briefs, oral sex-loving Rob will always jump at the opportunity to suck him off… And if they can get someone else involved, why not? As they elaborate, “We were at a friend’s house for a party, and it was around 3am. We were a bit wasted, and we decided to go to the huge bathroom together and by the time we began to undress, we noticed a cough inside the bathroom. Well, there was a guy in there, and we didn’t notice him because we were so focused on ourselves. We felt a bit awkward about having him trapped with us, but it turns out he didn’t see it the same way: he started laughing and he was very hot. We were half-naked and he asked us if he could join, so well, what started as the two of us horny, ended as three.”

This time, it’s Lustery’s chance to play the voyeur – and we can’t wait to get to know this playful pair a little better.

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