Introducing: Amy & Xaviar

Category: Couple News

“Our spice is love and being as nasty as possible,” says the kinky couple, who – perhaps unsurprisingly – first met at a sex party two years ago. It’s an aptly open-minded (not to mention, perfectly horny) opening chapter for the convention-flouting twosome who profess that the secret to their success of their relationship is forgetting about what anyone else tells you a relationship should look like. “We have a very intense and committed relationship without the normal rules that society puts upon us,” they say. “Our love is based on honesty, freedom and dedication.”

It’s an ethos that gets put into practice in the bedroom and well beyond (they do, after all, cite their favorite place to have sex as “anywhere”). Rather than stick to the same sex acts, positions or comfortable routines, they get the greatest thrill out of sex when it’s experimental and they can try new things. When or where they fuck, they say, is dependent on their mood but you can be sure the mood strikes almost every day.

Of course, that’s not to say they don’t have their fair share of kinks and fetishes. “We are very into golden showers, face-sitting, bondage and anal sex,” they say (don’t miss their jaw-dropping Lustery debut to see exactly which kinks they indulge in for their first submissions), adding that their top toys include dildos, butt plugs and ropes. A penchant for a serious dose of filth with their fun has also led to some wild sex stories, including a getaway with another couple to the Black Forest to bring some fantasies to life and humiliate the cuckold husband of a friend. We can’t wait to see what fantasies the devious duo end up realizing on Lustery screens!

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