Amy & Xaviar

The basics
  • 85
  • Name:

    Amy & Xaviar

  • Age:

    29 & 29

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Berlin, Germany

  • Sex life:


Berlin-based couple Xaviar and Amy met at a sex party, and after two years together, you could say that the party still hasn’t ended, because ever since then they’ve been exploring all their kinks, desires and fantasies together without a care for norms or conventions. Describing their relationship, they say, “We have a very intense and committed relationship without the normal rules that society put upon us. Our love is based on honesty, freedom and dedication.” Their sex life, too, benefits from the same approach, where nothing is off the table for being “too dirty” or “weird” – in fact, the nastier, the better! They love exploring new things together, and their experimental approach to intimacy has led to more than a few delightfully deviant kinks and fetishes, including a thing for golden showers, face-sitting, bondage and anal sex. “Our spice is love and being as nasty as possible,” they say.


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Amy & Xaviar's Video Collection

Pleasure With A Capital Pee
Xaviar and Amy met at a Berlin sex party, and from those kinky beginnings two years ago, a suitably kinky, experimental and very intense relationship has blossomed. Their Lustery debut is a dive into some of their favorite filthy things, showcasing everything from armpit licking to foot play, an ample serving of ass eating as Xaviar buries his face between Amy’s cheeks, and some thrilling power play as Amy drenches Xaviar’s hard dick in hot piss before sitting on his face and allowing him to get off…
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