Lauren & Tyler

The basics
  • 250
  • Name:

    Lauren & Tyler

  • Age:

    27 & 28

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Salt Lake City, USA

  • Sex life:


Salt Lake City-based babes Lauren and Tyler first met in college at a party at Tyler’s house. It was the start of a now nine-year romance that, by the sounds of things, has seen more than its fair share of fucking. When these two say that they can’t get enough of each other, they mean it: their sexcapades have taken them from all the way from ripping each other’s clothes off instead of trying them on in dressing rooms and spending more of the party in the bathroom pleasuring each other than, you know, at the actual party to baring it all on the beach and – mad respect for this one – even having sex in a canoe. Needless to say, sex is a certainty most days in their household with their record being an astonishing one-day, eight-round fuck fest. And when it comes to coming, the experimental pair say that it’s not just “wherever and whenever” but “however” too. Their mood sets the tone for their filthy fun: it may be anal one day and clamps, cuffs and blindfolds the next. They love using toys to get off and adore making each other cum. Tyler loves looking deep into Lauren’s eyes – not to mention getting deep in other ways – holding her legs back while he’s on top in missionary position. And Lauren loves it when Tyler gets ‘hands-on’ by grabbing her breasts or holding her hips tight while he goes to town on her. And we love that they both get turned on knowing others get off with their videos – welcome to Lustery!


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Lauren & Tyler's Video Collection

Laid-Back Lust
When it comes to getting each other off, Californian pair Lauren and Tyler make it look easy as they invite us into their living room for their Lustery debut. Sprawled out on the sofa, it’s not so much “sit back and relax” as it is “sit back and climax” when Tyler teases Lauren to dripping-wet bliss within the first minutes. Turns out the couch isn’t the best seat in the house though – being astride Tyler first in reverse cowgirl and then face to face is – as the two demonstrate the incredible chemistry that has kept their sex life red-hot for the last nine years.
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