Julia & Nica

The basics
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  • Name:

    Julia & Nica

  • Age:

    32 & 30

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Patagonia, Argentina

  • Sex life:


It’s not many couples that can claim a dirty workplace fantasy come true as the opening chapter of their relationship but Argentinians Julia and Nica are not one of those couples – after all, when the two met five years ago, Nica was Julia’s boss. We’re somehow not surprised that they adore foreplay – they did spend the first two years savoring the thrilling illicitness of their undercover liaisons. “It turned us on so much, so we played with it,” they say. However, the workplace couldn’t contain their romance and soon it was spilling over into the streets – quite literally. “The most daring thing we’ve done is have sex in the middle of the street one night coming back from a party – it was late and not many people around but idea of potentially being caught was irresistible.” We’re sensing a theme here, not to mention a perfect fit for the Lustery community as the two continue to discover each other...


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Julia & Nica's Video Collection

Rubbed Up (The Right Way)
Foreplay comes first for Argentinian couple Julia and Nica, meaning that they’re bound to follow not long after in their steamy Lustery debut. As they take their time exploring every inch of each other’s bodies, kissing and grinding as they press against each other, sometimes giggling before lapsing back into breathless desire, we’re reminded that the skin is not only our largest organ, it’s also the most sensitive.
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