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Dusty & Peppermint

The basics
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    Dusty & Peppermint

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    51 & 51

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    Life partners

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    United States

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Fate has a funny way of knowing when the time is right – in Dusty and Peppermint’s case, putting them into each other’s orbits on a dating app, even though they’d lived in the same neighbourhood and likely crossed paths for years before that. Having connected later in life, they already knew exactly what they did and didn’t want from a relationship – and found that in each other. “Through times of joy, celebration, difficulty and uncertainty, both of us have always had each other’s back, no matter what,” they say. “Adventuring through life together is the greatest reward.”

Sex is a natural part of that. “We see sex as a journey to enjoy with many avenues to explore and no agenda, rather than a destination to get to,” they say. “We love taking our time and indulging in hours of Tantric massage and foreplay, edging each other right up to the moment of orgasm then backing off to prolong the experience.” Dusty also loves making Peppermint squirt and it’s made for many an incredible (and wet!) sex story. Now in their 50s, they say, “We’re thankful for platforms like Lustery to talk about things that are still considered taboo. You can be in your 40s, 50s and beyond and love, intimacy and connection can still be a major part of your life.”


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Dusty & Peppermint's Video Collection

Sweet, Moist, Magical
Peppermint and Dusty’s Lustery debut begins with some sweet, warm and moist muffins in bed; a clue, no doubt, of the yumminess to come (and certainly, how Peppermint is going to cum). Now in their 50s and after more than 10 years together, the sensual pair say theirs is the best sex they’ve ever had – and if the blissful moans, playful dirty talk and incredible passion in this video don’t confirm that, the wet spot from multiple squirts definitely will.
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