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Candy & Josh

The basics
  • 194
  • Name:

    Candy & Josh

  • Age:

    32 & 31

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Oregon, USA

  • Sex life:


Josh and Candy have been together for two years. They define themselves as two passionate artists who were lucky enough to find a person to share true intimacy with. They don't only share true intimacy, they also share a van and live on the road most of their time. Their lifestyle is quite free and so is the sexuality they share with one another. They have sex multiple times a day some days, other days not at all. They share many kinks including carnival clown sex and spanking. They are just always happy to live out and experience new fantasies. Their van brings them to beautiful places and often can lead to outdoor sex adventures…


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Candy & Josh's Video Collection

Pacific Pleasure
Did you know that Oregon is one of only 3 states with a continuous coastline on the Pacific Ocean. Well, you do now. What that means is there’s a whole load of beach. A whole load of empty beach. A whole load of empty beach to take a hike to, take your clothes off, and film yourself fucking for Lustery! Say Hi to Josh and Candy…
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