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Molly & Jon

The basics
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    Molly & Jon

  • Age:

    21 & 20

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    Closed relationship

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It is not a coincidence that both Molly and Jon wear black square glasses - they are both nerds, loud and proud! First time Molly noticed Jon on campus was after he answered a question in class with an adventure time quote. She passed him her phone number on the paper of a chewing gum. Very Breakfast Club!

When they are not in class they love to dance, play video games, listen to music, have sex and be surrounded by good vibes. They feel really comfortable around each other and can be themselves, which includes wearing sweat pants and generally being silly. It also means they are super relaxed when having sex with each other, taking things easy and trying new things whenever they feel like it! They enjoy many different positions while fucking, so Molly tends to move around Jon as she pleases. She will sit on his face, ride him, pull him on top of her... and since they both like to watch themselves doing it, they often record themselves. Good news for us, they also love to share!


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Molly & Jon's Video Collection

Young and Adventurous
Molly and Jon may be young but what they lack in experience they more than make up for in lust. Both are simply devoted to pleasuring each other. Oral sex, orgasms and oh so many positions make this shoot a lesson in sweet satisfaction.
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