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Lexi & Miles

The basics
  • 442
  • Name:

    Lexi & Miles

  • Age:

    35 & 39

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Northeast USA

  • Sex life:


US-based couple Lexi and Miles recently tied the knot; a happy and possibly even surprising ending when you consider that they met on a swingers’ site and were both in other relationships at the time. No longer swingers, you can bet they get their kicks in different ways. For example, the pair – who describe their relationship as “dangerously intimate” with a competitive spirit – once challenged themselves to sex on a paddleboard, and they succeeded! Even when their sex life doesn’t involve adrenalin-spiking hijinks, it’s still pretty spicy. The self-confessed best friend and soulmates reckon they fuck about three days a week, enjoying intense sex sessions. “We like to start off pretty sensually and work our way into rubbing each other. We enjoy pleasuring each other by teasing, licking and some biting. Things tend to get hot and heavy at this point. From there, we have a pretty hardcore session involving cowgirl, doggy and whatever we decide to try that night.” From there, Miles will typically finish on Lexi – one of her biggest turn-ons – and they’ll clean up and head to bed. Does this mean their Lustery debut ends with Lexi coated in cum? You can guess… or, better yet, watch it!


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Lexi & Miles's Video Collection

Sunday Funday On The Lake
Our favorite place to have Sex outside is on our boat. This particular time right before we picked up the cam some kayakers came by and we had to cover up quickly. But that rush that we love adds to the excitement and orgasm.
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