Introducing: Lexi & Miles

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If you need further evidence that Lexi and Miles aren’t the type to do things conventionally, just look at how the American sweethearts met. “Funny story, we actually met swinging,” they explain. “We were both in relationships at the time and we met through a swinger site. We hung out for a few months with everyone getting together and then one night we decided to do a solo visit and spend the night.” It marked a turning point for the, well, not-yet-pair as they recognized the love and passion growing between them. Not long after that, they made it ‘official’ and gave up swinging to focus on each other.

Now married, the couple describe their relationship as “dangerously intimate”. They say, “We are flirty yet competitive but have a love for each other that is indescribable. We like to push each other to better ourselves and pick each other up when we fall. Our competitive spirts keep us on our toes and keeps things interesting around the house.”

It’s almost certainly this urge to always outdo themselves and push themselves just that little bit further that prompted the idea to get it on… on a paddleboard! “One late night just after the sun had gone down, we decided it was time. We found a quiet cove and started to set up (recording it, of course). We carefully hopped on the paddleboard and started playing. When we had finished the deed, we heard some rustling in the woods from some people camping close by – it made it that much hotter, the thought that we could’ve been caught.”

When they’re challenging themselves to thrilling new ways to fuck, the two still have a few fast favourites that will always get them aroused. Miles loves when Lexi rides him in cowgirl, fucking her in doggy, as well as when she plays with his nipples (it’s like a magic button to make him cum, they say). Lexi also loves having her way with Miles in cowgirl, gets a kick out of being controlled during BDSM play and adores being covered in both candle wax and cum. Don’t miss their captivating Lustery debut to see how many of their kinks they check off!

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