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James & Lola

The basics
  • 844
  • Name:

    James & Lola

  • Age:

    29 & 26

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Lagos, Portugal

  • Sex life:


Lustery is thrilled to welcome fan favorite James back to the site, along with his gorgeous new lover Lola. The gorgeous pair met in the summer of 2020 in Portugal, where their shared love of surfing and nature blossomed into a romance for the ages. The French hotties live a nomadic life of pure freedom, hunting for waves at dawn, cooking naked in the evening, and (of course) having passionate sex throughout. Whether sneaking blowjobs on secluded beaches or filming body-painted sex scenes under black light, the artistic couple love to explore their creativity as they share their deep connection with the world!


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James & Lola's Video Collection

VLOG: Love, Lust & Sri Lanka
The soaring cinematic intro to James and Lola’s spectacular Valentine’s vlog alone is enough to make your jaw drop. Opening with surf, sun and all the sensual possibilities of a few months exploring Sri Lanka, we’re immediately transported into paradise in their latest Lustery submission. But if it’s the first moments that set the scene, it’s the climax – no, wait! – multiple climaxes that steal it, from the early morning blow job that leaves Lola’s tits coated in cum to the later toe-curling orgasms on their flower-strewn bed. These two clearly can’t get enough of each other – and we can’t get enough of them!
Full video

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