Introducing: James & Lola

Category: Couple News

In the triumphant return of a fan favorite, Lustery is thrilled to welcome French hotties James and Lola to the site. The gorgeous pair met in July 2020 when Lola was James’ surf instructor for the day. Despite making a fool of himself on the waves, James ended up getting invited over to her place—a small wooden cabin surrounded by nature. Over cold craft beers, the two sat on her deck for hours “exchanging our life stories with nothing but our voices and the cricket chirping to fill the night's silence.” That magical moment proved to be the spark that blossomed into an epic romance for the ages, where the nomadic couple enjoys a life of “pure freedom” spending their days “hunting for waves at dawn, cooking naked, having deep conversations with a cerveza in hand on top of a cliff, or having passionate sex.”

The two love to create beautiful things while exploring the world around them, and the videos and photos they make are both masterful and deeply creative (like a recent sex scene with body paint and black lights)! With so many gorgeous (and frequently secluded) beaches nearby, the pair often go skinny dipping and tan naked, teasing each other on their towels until they have to race home to have sex, or just make love right on the beach! This has led to some amusing situations, however, like the time Lola was blowing James on a clifftop and another couple caught them in the act; luckily, the locals just bade them a “good afternoon,” snapped some photos of the scenery, and left them to continue their revelry.

Beyond their bouts of exhibitionism, James and Lola enjoy a sex life that is balanced and adventurous, ranging from deeply intimate oil massages and slow, spooning lovemaking to exploring BDSM and a recently obtained box of sex toys that they’ve been working their way through. Simply planning a new scene or photoshoot is a big turn-on for the two, and as James reveals: “Sometimes just editing a video and watching ourselves having sex can get us so horny that we have to take unexpected naked breaks.” Just watch their beautiful first submission, and we’ll wager you’ll end up just as hot and bothered!

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