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Daisy & Bud

The basics
  • 477
  • Name:

    Daisy & Bud

  • Age:

    21 & 23

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Hemet, CA, USA

  • Sex life:


Children of their generation, Daisy and Bud met on a dating website. They were chatting and spontaneously decided to meet each other one night at 3AM. Daisy was wearing lingerie underneath her clothes. Inevitably, this first meeting was a success!

They describe themselves as adventurous sex-wise, filming each other outdoors is a passion they both share. Having sex with each other just happens to be one of their favorite things in life, which probably explains why they have A LOT of sex, usually 1-3 times a day. Their favorite positions are doggy style or cowgirl. What they most like to do is to smoke weed during sex. They find the relaxed state allows them to fully explore all their sexual desires and be free of inhibitions. Daisy loves to get spanked and as luck would have it Bud loves to spank her. These two make a truly gorgeous couple together with bucket loads of sexual energy!


Living Room, Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Moaning, Male Pov, Teasing, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Sex Talk, Frombe, Spanking, Face-to-face, Sex Toy, Anal Plug, Cum, Lube, Tattoos, Fucking With Clothes, Red Hair, Piercings, Glasses, Smoking, Choking, Outdoors, Anal, Handjob, POV, Fluid Bonded.

Daisy & Bud's Video Collection

A Ride in the Sunshine
With the sun shining this adventurous couple hopped on their bikes and went for a ride in the woods. Don’t worry, you won’t be watching a Lustery version of the Tour de France, the couple soon rode to a quiet spot, hopped off their bikes, and engaged in a completely different form of riding!
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