The top 3 sex toys every beginner couple should try!

October 31, 2018 3 min read

Glamour designs, feminine colors and body-safe materials: the sex toy industry has today extended its horizons to create no more only intimidating huge fake cocks, but also product that can categorize more as sexual wellness aids rather than pornographic material.

This means that most toys on the market nowadays are not only feminine and aesthetic, but they can also be very discreet: many of my vibrators have been mistaken for beauty devices, decorative objects, wellness massagers and even for electric epilators.

But beauty and discretion aren't the only features of a modern sex toy. The vibrator industry is growing side by side with technology: for example, the classic love eggs or Kegel balls have become smart, since thanks to a Bluetooth module many of them can connect with your smartphone to allow for long distance play with a partner in another city, or to monitor your progress in strengthening your pelvic muscles right from an app. And the old clitoral pumps have been replaced by the pressure wave technology: it allows toys to stimulate your sweet spot without contact, avoiding the problem of overstimulation that may arise when the user goes a little over the average use of a classic vibrator.

Illustration by Millie Moonhouse

Couples aren't forgotten in this mission of the sex toy companies to create more and more sophisticate and effective adult products: the market offers vibrators that stimulate both the internal part of the vagina, the clitoris and the penis during intercourse, cock rings with an implemented bullet vibe that hits the female partner's right spots, and even discreet remote control wearable toys that spice up the fun on a romantic date or shopping afternoon out.

Here are my top 3 sex toys that beginners must absolutely try at least once in their life:

A clitoral stimulator. I don't know exactly the statistics, but I'm sure that most women need clitoral stimulation to get an orgasm: let's say more or less 90% of them. At least, every woman of course likes it! I would start with a bullet vibrator that could be defined the best beginners' toy: discreet, portable and non-intimidating, it will surprise you with how much power can be packed in such a little object!

Illustration by Millie Moonhouse

A G-spot vibrator. Vibrators don't only come in the classic straight shape: many of them today are curved to the right angle to stimulate the most sensitive part of your vagina! The more famous rabbit vibrators instead, despite their popularity thanks to the appearance in 'Sex and The City', may not be for every woman: if the clitoral arm is not flexible enough, it may not stimulate the correct area of your body.

Illustration by Millie Moonhouse

A vibrating cockring. As previously said, most women need clitoral stimulation to get an orgasm: that's why many of us struggle to get off during intercourse with their male partner. A vibrating cockring stimulates the clitoris with every thrust thanks to a cleverly placed mini bullet vibe. I would suggest to beginner couples to look for a ring with removable bullet: so with a single purchase you have two toys in one to enhance both intercourse and solo female pleasure!

Illustration by Millie Moonhouse

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