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The Lustery Playlist: Oral Fixation

September 23 3 min read

There’s no disputing Lustery couples are an eclectic lot but the one common thread that binds them is an appreciation for oral sex. From face-sitting to deep throating, blowjobs to rim jobs, and 69’ing to licking, sucking and spitting, this playlist is as much of a mouthful as it is an eyeful, so come hungry.

Jack and Dyna - Blow by Blow

Speaking about sexy things you can do with your mouth, Jack and Dyna’s Lustery debut demonstrates the couple love to use their oral skills in more ways than one. They landed a spot on this list as much for the bedroom banter that gets harder, wetter and more turned on by the moment as for the lip-smacking blowjob that brings the action to its mesmerizing crescendo. Never mind oral, this one is aural sex at its hottest!

Virgilio and Violet - Picnic Licking

Sometimes oral sex is a drawn-out all-you-can-eat buffet between your partner’s quivering thighs and other times… well, it’s fast-food – and, as Virgilio and Violet’s delicious picnic quickie shows, that’s great too. Keeping an eye out for passers-by as they head for a secluded spot in a public park, this video is all about sensuality on the down-low. And that’s not the only thing that’s going down, as Violet gives Virgilio an unforgettable sneaky blowjob.

Elea and Rick - Precious Playtime

Spanish sweethearts Elea and Rick use their Lustery debut (and their mouths) to explore each other’s bodies from head to toe – in this case, quite literally. Aside from all the face-sitting, 69’ing, rimming (with both taking turns on all fours), ball-sucking and clit-teasing so mouth-wateringly showcased in their video, lips and tongues also allow another kinky indulgence: foot play. With this much teasing and attention, toe-curling orgasms are guaranteed.

Andy and Kitty - Silver Tonguing

Andy an

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