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The Lustery Playlist: Good Vibes Only

July 29 3 min read

We all know that, at Lustery, our couples are undoubtedly the stars of the show. This month though, aside from showcasing the most passionate pairs to grace our platform, we’d like to honour the humble supporting cast too: the tireless toys that bring the buzz with every cameo appearance. From itty bitty bullets to rabbits to wands, the good vibes keep coming – and so do our couples – in this month’s porn playlist selection. Getting buzzed doesn’t get better than this…

Jeany and Flo – Flavor of the Day

German relationship anarchists, Jeany and Flo's Lustery debut offers a tantalising glimpse into their everyday sex life as well as their toy box. First, Flo takes happy advantage of being in the perfect position to make Jeanie squirm (in other words, with her pussy and ass just about in his face). Fucking her with a purple vibrator until both of them are crying out in pleasure. Later, with Flo’s cum still slick on her face and his fingers deep inside her, Jeanie uses another vibrator to bring herself to a knee-trembling, scream-out-loud orgasm. Whew! You’ll want to play this one on repeat.

Lili and Roger – Have Vibrator, Will Travel

Mexican lovers, Lili and Roger’s first video saw them settling into their new flat in Berlin. By the time video number two rolled around, they’d clearly unpacked a few more boxes – toys included. That old trope about dynamite coming in small packages? In the case of both petite Lili and her pocket-sized vibrator, it’s all true - with a little teasing later leading to a lot of fucking. 

Mikki and Bridgette – A Wild Ride

When it comes to this pair’s sexual dynamic, it’s play all the way. But don’t let the teddy bears on the chair fool you: Australian pair Mikki and Bridgette’s toy collection is way more expansive and significantly les

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