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The Lustery Playlist: Everything Butt

April 30 3 min read

If search terms are anything to go by, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind and – you’ve probably already guessed it – yes, it’s ass. Given how much time we spend thinking about it, anal sex is still a pretty hush-hush subject… but(t) not here on Lustery. After all, when real couples communicate their real desires, kinks and fantasies, nothing’s off the table. In fact, in the case of some of the videos in April’s awe-inspiring anal playlist, sometimes it’s literally on the table…

Anal Sex 1-Ohh-1

Bruce & Nicole

In celebration of Anal Month, intrepid adventurers Bruce and Nicole gave us the lowdown on how to begin exploring anal intimacy – all based on first-hand experience, of course. The pair are full of practical advice, from how to prepare to their favorite positions. However, what’s a little show and tell without a show? From the very first teasing moments to the stunning creampie finale, ‘sex ed’ doesn’t get sexier than this.

Moving Day

Almond & Stephen

Putting the ‘ass’ in ‘class’ too are Canadian cuties Almond and Stephen, who took some blissful moments out of their moving day to share some of their insights around giving and receiving anal pleasure. As they put it, what started as fingers and rimming slowly became pegging and fisting – a journey that plays out viscerally in this incredible video with Stephen eagerly taking Almond’s tongue, fingers and, ultimately, fist.

Plug And Play

Annika & Johnny

All forms of anal play are valid, from cocks, fingers and even whole hands to tongues and – as Barcelona-based babes Annika and Johnny demonstrate in their latest Lustery VLOG – toys too. After visiting their favorite sex shop and sharing essential advice on how to pick the perfect toys for ass play, the only thing left to do is to test drive the newest butt plug

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