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We are always looking for new couples! No previous experience is necessary – just an open mind to explore and share your sexuality. Lustery is the home of real couples sharing real, intimate moments with a likeminded and respectful community.

Why Lustery?

Lustery is a community dedicated to the sex lives of real life, loving couples from around the world. We focus on genuine passion and enjoyment and aim to provide a realistic depiction of what actually happens in people’s bedrooms. Therefore we are searching for couples that want to shoot videos showing the real, natural sex that you have off camera.

Be yourself

With Lustery, you can be yourself and do what you enjoy most. There are no set rules on the sexual content.

No experience necessary

Lustery is a space for you to explore and expand on your sexuality. We will help and support you through the technical bits.

Upfront payment

You get paid a fixed amount for submitting a video, not based on clicks or ratings.

What our couples say

“Without a doubt shooting videos for you guys is our favourite thing to do because we get to have sex exactly how we want to”

Frankie & Lucy

“First of all, it's very important for us that we can be ourselves and I guess this is what we love the most about Lustery. Since we started filming for Lustery we talked a lot about sex and so many ideas came from this, pushing us to experiment more :-)”

Lillie & Stephen

"The way Lustery wants to show and let us show sex is so natural; we are just two people making love, exchanging and when I look at the others videos I see that too, that’s beautiful."

Edo & Lutece


Yes. All persons must be at least 18 years old at the time of filming and provide a government-issued photo ID.

Yes. In addition to the age requirement listed above, all persons in the video must provide consent and videos depicting illegal activities are not allowed.

No previous experience is necessary – we will assist you with the technical bits and help you to make the best of your Lustery shooting. What matters most is that you enjoy doing it and that will show in your video!

All our videos are filmed by the couples themselves, meaning you can shoot it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We work with couples all around the world!

We are aiming to create a sex-positive community that promotes an open and honest approach to sex and sexuality, therefore currently we are searching for couples that feel comfortable showing their faces and talking openly about their sex lives. We would like all of our couples to feel proud of their videos! We do offer you the option of your material only being visible for the Lustery community, which is a safe space where you will encounter no shaming.

No, there is no sign up fee for content creators.

It’s a membership-based website which means people need to buy a membership in order to access the full content.

To date, the only reasons we have rejected videos have been due to technical issues, when the format wasn't right (for example if a video is filmed in portrait as opposed to landscape ratio) - in this case, we arrange a re-shoot with the couple and guide them through the technical requirements more closely. As you'll be able to see from the guide page, the criteria is pretty detailed in order to avoid this from happening.

Standard videos must be at least around 30 minutes long and shot in full HD (1920 x 1080). For the 'quickie' format, videos should be around 15 minutes long.

We want you to be in full control of the images you're recording and make the camera part of your game, so unless that third person is your lover and you're having a threesome, you should be alone in the room and make sure nobody will disturb you – this is your very own private moment!

You can choose with what camera you want to shoot, and we can help you make that decision. If you're not experienced with photography or filming, we suggest using a camera that is easy to handle, like a GoPro or a handycam. If you are into photography and want to try out different cameras / lenses / lighting – talk to us about it! We're always excited to hear your creative ideas.

Absolutely no obligations - but we are very open to couples submitting more than one video. So, this would be totally up to you.

No, you can simply send us the raw material and we edit the material ourselves.

Absolutely! Paulita typically arranges a Skype call with every couple prior to their first submission - in which you can ask any questions you have, and have a general chat about the process.
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